Origin story

The Cure Podcast grew out of a humble little BlogTalkRadio show called Back to the Topic (feel free to listen to the old shows there) that lasted a few months in the summer of 2011. It was a 3 man 1 woman show where the hosts could speak their minds on current events and certain topics. The show received a lot of support from family and friends, but something was missing...


Fast forward to present day...

Faced with the urge to reclaim their platform for speaking their minds, The Cure was born! The Cure Podcast features the 2 'Kidult' cousins who branched off from the original "Back to the Topic" show. Listen every week as they navigate their lives, discuss current events, debate hot topics and answer your burning questions!

“Tell a friend to tell a friend!”
The nostalgia from the theme song alone makes it worth the listen!
This podcast gets me through the work week. A must listen for anyone!

What we're about?

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