@Wecomefromqns x @Mouse_Jones

Marcus is on Vacation

What is Rell to do? *Light Bulb*

Rell had a ‘indoor bbq’, in away, with Jerk Chicken, smoothies, fruit snacks and d’usse invited friends @WecomeFromqns (WCFQ) and @Mouse_Jones(MJ) to bring parts of their podcast to the show. Rell Starts it off(drinking with d’usse and edible already in system), calling Marcus(So, because of schedule confusion he was still in NYC. However due to Marcus being boisterous, he kind of blue 20sec of the audio, of his own introduction.).Then talks about Rio and Joe Budden The girls WCFQ wanted to talk to MJ about something he discussed on our show back in May. They also briefly touch back on an old topic from their show, Gender roles and Emasculating men. We also had an uninvited guest, excuse the awkward silence. Finally, MJ ‘Pass the Aux’ had everyone scrambling the last song in their phones. We even answer one listener question.

See what happens with these 3 podcast come together and cause mayhem on this show!

Check them out!

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